Transmission part

Transmission part

Transmission part Transmission is a gearbox that converts the power generated by the engine into the required rotational power according to the speed and transmits it. We manufacture a number of parts that make up the transmission. Ring gear, Output Gear, Pinion, Output Flange, Park Gear, Input Gear, Helical gear, Shafts, Piston, Piston Rod, Bushing
PARK GEAR Park gear is inserted in the vehicle transmission and when the driver changes the transmission to the parking mode, it engages the ring-shaped PARKING PAWL and Holds the entire vehicle.
OUTPUT FLANGE Output flange is a part that connects the vehicle's final reduction gear and the propulsion shaft, supports the axial and radial load of the pinion shaft of the PTO (Power Take-Off) of the vehicle, and smooths the rotational movement at the same time.
SPIDER GEAR Spider gear consists of several planetary gears and crown gears assembled in the Central gear and Planet Carrier, and it ensures the rotation of components when torque is changed and fixes the positions of the components together with the clutch and brake.
INPUT GEAR It is assembled on the input shaft with the input gear bearing and nut, and transmits the power and rotational force received from the clutch to the idler gear
RING GEAR As a gear constituting the planetary gear set, it is assembled on the edge of the sun gear and planetary gear set to transmit the driving force to the propulsion shaft.
OUTPUT GEAR Output gear is installed inside the transmission and transmits the shifted power from the SHAFT INPUT to the OUTPUT SHAFT for each shift transmitted through the GEAR-TRANSFER DRIVEN.
PINION Pinion is a component of the planetary gear set that adjusts the gear ratio in the trwithinansmission. It is fixed to the drive shaft of the transmission main shaft and transmits rotational force.
SELECTOR SHAFT & OTHERS Selecor shart & Others enables gear shifting by moving up/down in the transmission.