About PXA

About PXA


  • 2021~2030
  • 2024

    Establish Pacific X North America(Sep, 2024)
  • 2022

    Started mass production of TESLA auto parts
    Building Smart Factory Advancement Phase 2 (AI)
    Awarded the 20 million dollar export tower
  • 2021

    Approval of development of parts for FORD Hybrid car
    Awarded the 10 million dollar export tower
    Selected as a pre-star company (in Daegu)
    Employment-friendly company certification
    INNOBIZ Certification
    Smart Factory 1st stage of advancement
  • 2011~2020
  • 2020

    Established Pacific X Korea's second factory
    Established R&D Center.
    Selected as an excellent case company for
    building the smart factory basic 2nd stage
  • 2019

    Registered as a tier 1 supplier for FORD (USA)
    Establishment of the first stage of smart factory basics
  • 2018

    Established Pacific X Korea's 1st factory
    IATF 16949 certified
    ISO 14001 certified
    ISO 45001 certified
    OHSAS 18001 certified
  • 2016

    Established Pacific X Korea
  • 2015

    Registered as a Linamar (Global) supplier and
    started mass production
  • 2013

    Registered as a ZF (Global) Transmission partner and
    started mass production
    VDA6.3 & GMMOG/LE Auditor Certification
    ISO9001:2008 certified
  • 2011

    Registered as a Better Built (USA) partner
  • 2009

    Registered as a Innertia Dynamic (USA) supplier
  • 2001~2010
  • 2007

    Registered as a TOTER (USA) supplier
  • 2005

    Registered as a Electrolux Home (USA) supplier
    Registered as a SPX (USA) supplier
  • 2003

    Registered as a Dura Automotive(USA) supplier
    Registered as a DANA Corporation(USA) supplier
    Warehouse operation USA (CA)
  • 2001

    Established Pacific X Auto Corporation California, USA