About PXA

About PXA
Business policy

Our Vision


Global No.1
Top Leader
We leap forward as a first-class company in the
next-generation hybrid and
electric vehicle mission (GEAR).
  • Challenge and innovation Aim for challenge and innovation rather than settling for the present
  • Quality Management Providing the best quality that exceeds customer expectations
  • Respect Employees A good corporate culture through respect & consideration creating a Safe Workplace through Safety Compliance


We realize sustainable development by strengthening ESG management.
  • PXA saves the environment - Reduction of carbon emission through the use of solar power generation
    - Expansion of business field to eco-friendly auto parts field
  • PXA creates social value Reinforcement of safety management, respect for human rights
  • Transparent and Trusted PXA Establishment of ethical compliance management system

Why PXA?

Professional field
Collaboration system
Professional manpower for machining
Analyze and improve to maximize profits
Smartfactory solution
Customer satisfaction management