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About PXA
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Thank you for visiting Pacific X Auto Corporation.

Pacific X Auto Corporation took advantage of the wide market in the United States and established its headquarters in California in 2001, discovering a number of OEM and Global Tier 1 customers in the United States, and We have been supplying quality products to our customers for decades through warehouse & VIM operation in the US. Through the accumulated R&D know-how, we established a manufacturing plant in Daegu under the name of Pacific X Korea in 2018 to develop automotive transmission parts and other precision- processed parts. And now we became a specialized Automotive Components manufacturer

In the automobile market, trends are rapidly changing from internal combustion engine vehicles to hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, and global competition among auto parts manufacturers is intensifying due to regulations to solve global warming and respond to climate change, such as carbon credits and RE100.

Even in the uncertain economic environment domestic and overseas. we intend to continue growing by securing Pacific X Auto's technological, price and quality competitiveness with the mindset that customers always come first.

Based on trust, we will create new business opportunities through continuous innovation and strive to grow together with customers while pursuing customer satisfaction. We look forward to your continued interest in Pacific X Auto in the future. 

Byung-Rok Do, CEO of Pacific X Auto Corporation


USA Headquarters
Korea Manufacturing Plant & R&D Center
Pacific X Auto Corporation Byung-Rok Do
Pacific X Auto Corporation(USA) Pacific X Korea R&D Center(Korea)
founding date USA Headquaters : 2001 2018 2020
Business Areas
(Research field)
Development and import/export of automobile and
industrial parts (transmission parts, eco-friendly car
parts, home appliances, cold former parts, etc.)
automobile parts manufacturing
(transmission parts, Eco-friendly Vehicle parts)
Smart process, high value-added
processing method, research on
localization of raw materials
Contact TEL : +1-310-771-0515
FAX : +1-310-771-0535
E-mail: kimchi@pacificxauto.com
TEL : +82-53-610-5800
FAX : +82-53-615-1138
E-mail: pacxauto@pacxauto.com
Address 500 Carson Plaza Drive, #221 Carson, CA 90746, USA 45, Technosunhwan-ro 3-gil, Yuga-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea