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Daegu City Selected as 20 New Pre-Star Companies, Leading the Future o…


Daegu City has selected 20 small but strong companies that will have growth potential and lead the future of the local economy as new pre-star companies.

According to the city and Daegu Technopark on the 25th, this year's pre-star companies were 9 companies in the main industries and 11 companies in the future industries. The 20 selected companies have an average sales of KRW 5.4 billion as of 2020, an average number of employees of 24, and an average annual sales growth rate (CAGR) of 48% for the past three years.

In the main industries, Daegun Metal, Sophos, E-Room Cook, JS Korea, Changbo (root/material), CMK Food, X-factory, Youngone (urban industry), Aretech (Intelligent Machinery) ) was selected.

5+1 (medical, energy, future car, robot, water, smart city) In the field of future industries, Lilicover Co., Ltd., Rainbow Research Center, Zena Co., Ltd., GBsoft Co., Ltd. (ICT convergence), Large Co., Ltd., Vision Digitech Co., Ltd., Pacific X Korea Co., Ltd. (future car), Rotem Co., Ltd., M Monitor Co., Ltd., Citicells Co., Ltd., and Astrogen Co.